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As someone who isn’t a huge book reader, I sure do love them, and the flashyness of BAM! Really caught my eye. The bright colors as you enter the store are a true attention grabber. As soon as you walk in, you see the bright red sign of the kids sign in the back of the store.  The second thing you see when you enter is the discount books. Right now it is 50% off books.

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BAM!, Books-A-Million!, is a chain book store located in Pennsylvania.  This specific installation is located in the Susquehanna Valley Mall, in Selinsgrove PA.  The area around the mall does not have many neighborhoods. There is one small neighborhood just behind the mall, and the other shoppers at the mall are from the surrounding towns, and the local univeristy, Susquehanna University.

Walking around the mall, we noticed that there weren’t really many people walking around. I think we actually counted more people working, like janitors and security guards, than actual shoppers.  We saw very few people around, and only I believe 2 kids the entire time, both of which were elementary school kids.  There were also no college students there, which makes some sense seeing as we went their at 3 in the afternoon.

The food services in the mall include Aunty Annies, Cinnabon, a wine shop, a chocolate shop, a Subway, a restaurant and pub, and a Villa Teresa.  There are also various restaurants outside the mall, including, but not limited to Applebee’s, Dennys, and Taco Bell.  There are many services that can me found within and around the mall.  There are various cell services, a couple banks, some salons, and some glasses shops.

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Around the mall is another type of neighborhood. Across Rt. 15, the Main Street running through Selinsgrove, there is a walmart superenter, and a goodwill. Fun fact, this is one of the largest, if not the absolute largest, goodwill in the country.  Other than these few places, there isn’t too much else in the immidiate area.  If we go more into Selinsgrove, we see many more houses where most of the shoppers come from, many barber shops, a coffee shop, and a few various restaurants.  There is also a college here, which supplies this entire area with it’s customers, especially the Dominos Pizza that delivers at any time, especially at night.

Going down the street the other way, there is what is called “the strip”.  “The strip” is where Target, Michaels, Pet Smart, and many other large name places are located.  This is the true shopping location of the Selinsgrove area.


Aaron Hagenbuch

Susquehanna Valley Mall


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