Comic Book Sales Are A Mile High In Denver

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While the Publishing Industry has never been known to be a lucrative field of business, Mile High Comics has defied the stereotype and profited significantly ever since owner; Chuck Ronzaski, began his dream of owning millions of comic books in 1969. Nowadays, the business boasts an impressive sized mega store located at 4600 Jason Street, Denver, Colorado that can compete with any bookstore. One interesting fact about the name of the bookstore is that it is named after the nickname of Denver; the Mile High City. The store resides in the community-based city of Denver, and it has many businesses residing around it, including a pet store known as Perky Pet Warehouse inside the building that Mile High Comics also inhabits. It is mostly a business district, with some occasional residential homes in the vicinity of the bookstore.

The shops around it are unlike the comic bookstore, attracting many different people, making it an ideal place for business, because of all the different shops that serve needs to multiple types of consumers in Colorado. The mega-store is based right off of Interstate-70, making traveling to the store easily accessible. The other local business in the range of Mile High Comics includes a multitude of different restaurants to choose from, along with two different educational facilities within three blocks of the store, making it a good alternative and safe place for children to go after school to purchase new comics to read at home or in the store. It’s also an ideal place to hold large events, since it is inside a large warehouse. There is also another Mile High Comics bookstore located a few miles away from the super store. Another interesting aspect about where it is located is that right across the street from the comic book store is Delandsheer Sales, a clothing outlet that is right next to Davis Tent and Awning, a business perfect for all your outdoor and camping needs, and Front Range Wholesale, a restaurant that serves local cuisine. There is even a grocery store down the block called Dawn Food Products. For the most part, the people of Denver are middle class individuals, and the majority of the businesses in a close proximity of Mile High Comics are independent stores run by local business owners. The only chain near the mega store is 7-Eleven, which shows that the people of Denver prefer buying from people within their community, and are against large corporations looking to drive out everyone else.

The ethnic demographic of Denver is actually pretty diverse, with a large Hispanic population in the city. There is a La Azteca Mexican Food restaurant that offers a nice alternative option for people looking to spice up their meals.What the geography says of Denver is that it is family oritented and is a highly populated area that sees a large amount of people every day. The Spanish-named health center, along with the police department are both within three blocks of the store. It is obvious that thousands of people trek through this area every day. For those involved in the Publishing Industry, there is a printing press called Tewell Warren Printing, and a bookbinding company by the name of Denver Bookbinding Company within five blocks of the store as well.


The city of Denver also has its own website that talks about the many attractions of the densely populated city. Cresswell states in his article Place, an Introduction that location, locale, and sense of place define an area best (7), and Denver attracts tourists from all around the world every day, and as such, people plan events to show that it is a unique environment that keeps the area fresh and exciting. Recently, the city of Denver released a new mobile web application that allows citizens to access city services and see what is going on around them. This will make it easier for businesses to interact with their customers, and as Laura Miller states in her book Reluctant Capitalists, “The culture of consumption is far from a new phenomenon, but it has consolidated over the last half century as a population with a more discretionary income than in the past has been confronted with a surfeit of consumption opportunities” (15). With so many local shops popping up in recent years, and Denver’s economy thriving, it is clear that a bookstore like Mile High Comics is in the perfect place to survive for years to come.





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